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Flitch makes furniture shopping simple, bringing you over 100 retailers in one place and a dedicated stylist to deliver hassle-free furniture shopping.

Haven’t got the time or energy to spend weeks and weeks hunting for the right furniture? Well, we’ve got your back - you’ll get your own expert interior stylist who will help you buy all the furniture you need! Find out more here.

We’ve got you covered too! We have brought together loads of furniture shops (both well-known and up-and-coming) together so you can look through all their catalogues in one place.

If you’re looking to turbocharge your furniture search then this is the place. Just take a style quiz to receive free instant recommendations tailored to your taste and budget.

It’s completely free to browse the market and to receive instant recommendations.

But sometimes we all need that helping hand. We have different plans - starting at £25 - where you will get your very own expert interior stylist who will take all the stress out of furniture shopping for you.

For more information, please see our pricing plan here.

Interior Stylist Service

The Basic plan is perfect for people looking for that one piece of furniture. Whether you’re looking for a new sofa, or 6 matching dining chairs, you’ll be able to outsource the search to your own expert stylist. Note that the fee gets credited towards anything you choose to buy through Flitch.

The Standard plan is ideal for those furnishing whole rooms. Your stylist will produce handpicked shortlists for up to five furniture categories and on top of that, they’ll create for you an inspiration moodboard. Note that the fee gets credited towards anything you choose to buy through Flitch.

For anyone with larger projects that require greater assistance, please contact us to discuss further.

We’ve been there and done it the old-fashioned way so we know just how time-consuming it can be to find the right pieces of furniture for your home. A stylist will do all the hard work on your behalf: they combine your taste profile with their expertise to source the perfect items (from across the entire UK furniture market) for your home at the right price, saving you an enormous amount of time and money.

Your stylist will reach out to you via email within a couple of working days after you pay the styling fee and complete your style quiz.

Your stylist will be in touch with their ideas for you via email, through which you’ll be able to continue to converse and provide direct feedback. Your stylist will keep searching for your perfect items until you are 100% satisfied.

If you’re not satisfied, we’re not satisfied. So if our stylists can’t find the right furniture for you, we’ll hand you back your styling fee - that’s a no quibble guarantee.

We have items across every price range. Easily set your price preferences for each furniture category in your style quiz. You can revise your price preferences at any point when interacting with your stylist.

We’re style experts. We learn from your style quiz and ongoing feedback to pinpoint the best items for your taste and budget. Bonus: The more we interact, the more personalised your experience becomes.

Just to be clear, you won’t be paying for an interior design service - for starters, anyone who offers you a full interior design service starting at £25 cannot be taken seriously! So you won’t get floor plans, 3D renderings and space and lighting advice. What you will get is an expert who will do all the hard work to find you the right pieces of furniture.

Of course! You can head over to our Browse section where you can look through the full product catalogues of 100+ furniture retailers all in one place. Additionally, you can turbocharge your furniture search and get instant recommendations here.

User Accounts

No registration or sign-in is needed to browse the market or to get instant recommendations. But we do recommend you set up a user profile where you can find all your previous recommendations and liked items.

Once you click on the user icon in the top right corner of your screen you will receive a pop-up, enabling you to sign-up.

You can delete your Flitch account in Advanced Settings, which can be found in Your Profile.

Absolutely. We fully comply with GDPR and take your privacy very seriously. Please read more about this in our Privacy Policy.

Furniture Sold By Flitch

With some items, you can purchase directly from us. Here you’ll find useful information relating to such purchases:

Yes, we securely process your payment.

Upon placing an order, your payment will be held whilst we confirm stock availability and shipping time. Once confirmed, the payment will be processed and you will receive an email confirming your order.

If at any point prior to confirmation you wish to cancel part or all of your order, please email

We’ll be responsible for getting your purchase to you.

Delivery cost will vary depending on the size of the item and whether you’re buying from us or one of our partner retailers. If the latter then you will find the delivery cost info on their website. If you’re buying from us then we charge a flat shipping fee of £5.95 for small items, £24.95 for medium items, and £49.95 for large items (exceptions may apply). In order to streamline the fulfilment process, we organise deliveries direct from suppliers to you. This ensures your order will arrive faster and minimise the risk of in-transit damage. As a result, our shipping fees are on a per-supplier basis. This means that if your order can be fulfilled by a single supplier we will only charge you a single delivery fee (which will be the highest individual unit delivery amount of the items ordered); if on the other hand your order can only be fulfilled by multiple suppliers we will charge you a delivery fee for each supplier. By way of illustration, if you order a small item that is fulfilled by one supplier and a large item that is fulfilled by another supplier, we will charge you £55.90 for delivery (being £5.95 + £49.95).

We estimate that shipping times will take, on average, 3-7 working days for small and medium items, and 12-24 working days for large items; however this will vary from item to item and we will provide specific timeframes in your confirmation email.

Upon receiving your items you will have 14 days to inform us if you do not wish to keep any item/s from your purchase. If you wish to make a return, please email Some suppliers will allow a longer period than 14 days and multiple items are to be treated on a per supplier basis and may have different return periods. In our confirmation email, we will specify the return period for the item/s in your order.

Furniture Purchased on 3rd Party Sites

In some cases you're just one click away from buying the furniture you have fallen in love with. You just need to click on “Find Out More” and we’ll take you straight through to the product page of our partner retailer who will take over from there. Here you’ll find useful information relating to such purchases:

No, the partner retailer will securely manage your payment.

The retailer whom you purchase from is responsible for delivery.

Delivery time will vary depending on the retailer and the product. You can find this info on the relevant product information screen.

Each retailer has their own return policy. You can find this info on the relevant product information screen.

We find “middle-men” only confuse matters. So for returns and customer service, you deal directly with the retailer.

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